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Hello Team A.Maise,
Thank you so much for the sweaters and wraps... they were a huge hit! The moms were so touched by your generosity and the gifts really brightened their spirits. Several of the patients were discharged later in the day or over the weekend, but a few were still here and we noticed some wrapped in your beautiful gifts. Many thanks from weary moms, and from a grateful PICU team. 
- Rev Lisa Solwold, Pediatric Chaplain
Wolfson Children's Hospital

Mother's Day 2021

Thanks so much... the sweaters were such a big hit. Very thoughtful gift from you all and the staff also appreciated us giving the mothers something! They thought it was such an awesome idea and loved that we celebrated them!
- Mary Lauren Furlong, Family Support Services

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Team A.Maise is a wonderful support for patient families! I am a music therapist in the ICU at Wolfson. I provide therapy to patients and families in high-stress situations. Team A.Maise donated the device that allows us to be able to get recordings with critical patients. This donation allows our service to give parents a recording of their child's heartbeat after loss.

This organization supports our families in managing this stress by providing comfort items, food/coffee and other items. They know both what these families go through and do an incredible job giving them support! We provide heartbeat recordings in the Music Therapy Program at WCH.

We are all so grateful to them for the resource and support they provide to our ICU!

— Morgan Maxwell, MT-BC


Dear friends, in my work as chaplain at Wolfson Children's Hospital, one of the units I cover is the Pediatric ICU. We have many happy stories and, as you can imagine, sad ones as well. And then we have transformative stories like this family who, after their infant daughter's passing have decided to create a support service for other families in her honor.

They have created a non-profit to gather comfort supplies for the children in the PICU and NICU units, and especially the families who spend long anxious hours, days, weeks at bedside throughout their child's treatment, hopeful for recovery.

I created a "Family Pack" which I offer to family members as a means of providing some de-stressing during these anxious times. Over the past few years I've purchased many of the items myself, and we've also had donations from outside supporters - usually people like this family who have themselves spent time in PICU with a sick child. The Family Pack generally includes; a blank journal, meditative coloring books; colored pencils or markers, Word Search, Crossword or Sudoku puzzle books, inspirational reading books and magazines. For infectious reasons these items cannot be shared and each pack is created and delivered to individual families.Team A-Maise was established by a former Wolfson PICU family to help support this effort…

As someone who works daily with families in times of crisis, I can tell you that these small reminders of "normal life" go a long way to helping them find some calm in the midst of any parent's greatest fear...the health of their child.

Thank you and God bless.

Lisa Solwold
Pediatric Chaplain
Wolfson Children’s Hospital

Dear Team A.Maise,

On behalf of the music therapy program at Wolfson Children's Hospital, thank you so much for the stethoscope recording device. With this technology, the department will be able to provide heartbeat recordings and songs to families otherwise not served. 

We will utilize this technology to begin a new program that will train staff members on how to record so that all families have access to the living memory of a heartbeat. 

Thank you again for your contribution!

Morgan Maxwell, MT-BC

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I am writing to you to share the great success we are having with our PICU snack cart and coffee bar!  Patients, family and staff have all expressed a great deal of gratitude and thanks for having access to these resources.

Recently, I had a four year old patient ask me for three snacks, “one for his mother, one for his father, and one for himself”.  He said “everyone needs snacks” and then proceeded to give both myself and his nurse a snack from our cart.  It is clear that your impact has already began to take effect! 

Per infection control policy, we are unable to leave snacks out for patient and family access.  This challenge prompted us to figure out a solution.  We’ve decided to store our snacks within a cart with wheels, and deliver snacks three times a day to patients and families here in our PICU.  We are forever grateful for your contributions to our organization and to the families in which we serve.

Thank you Team A.Maise Inc.!!


Nathaniel Hatley, Child Life Manager

UF Health Jacksonville

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