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Our Partners

Drop off days are so important to us

Several times each month, we deliver useful items like snacks, wipes, clothing, blankets, swaddles, toys and so much more to the PICU and NICU staff for distribution to patients and their families. This would not be possible without the help of our A-Maise-ing supporters and partners.


swaddle4swaddle is a nonprofit that donates beautiful swaddle blankets to NICUs across the country to snuggle babies and delight their parents during a challenging time. They are one of our first partners and we are so thankful for every single swaddle that we have been able to provide to the families in our partnering NICUs.

Audrey & Bear design beautiful swaddle blankets and other items like pajamas and maternity robes. They also offer personalized items for an extra special touch. Every time you place an Audrey & Bear order, a percentage of your purchase goes to swaddle4swaddle—and for every swaddle you buy, they donate one!

Audrey and Bear logo-12.png

WaterWipes were created by a father who was looking for a baby wipe without chemicals to help with his daughters rash. WaterWipes are made of 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract to act as a natural skin conditioner. They make the world’s purest baby wipes that help fight against the cause of diaper rash.

Preemie Store provides a huge selection of preemie sized clothing for daily use and special occasions to help families through the often unexpected journey of finding the right fit for their little bundle of joy.

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Hospitals can get chilly, especially for young patients. Thanks to our partner, Cape Ivy, patients in our partnering PICU and NICUs can keep warm in the colorful fleece ponchos that they provide. These ponchos are A-Maise-ing because they’re designed with IV lines and medical equipment in mind and can be worn comfortably while being treated by caregivers.

4moms is a brand that creates high tech baby gear that makes life better for infants and parents. One of our recent donation drop offs included the mamaRoo Infant Seat that is designed to mimic the comforting sway and bounce of being held in the arms of a loved one. This gives more moments of relaxation for baby and free hands for family. A-MAISE-ING!


Medi Teddy, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides teddy bear shaped IV bag covers to children who require infusions. These cute bears provide comfort, normalize medical care, and reduce anxiety by offering a friendly face to conceal unsightly medical products without blocking access and visibility to care providers.

The Baby K’Tan Baby Carrier features a unique double-loop design that functions as a sling, wrap and baby carrier, yet there is no wrapping, no buckling, and no adjusting any rings. It's slipped on like a T-shirt in three easy steps for a comfy, cozy, and secure fit that is better for your hips.


We are so grateful for the opportunity to work together. Contact Us for more information on becoming a partner.

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